Rugby Primary School

About The Project

vHH were commissioned by Urban&Civic to design a new primary school for their Houlton development, which is a new residential urban extension of 6200 homes on the former GPO Rugby Radio Station and is a joint venture with Aviva Investors. The school will be at the heart of the first phase of development, and delivered in parallel with the first houses, so that it is immediately available to residents.

One of the key brief requirements for this school is that it can grow in tandem with the new housing. Designed to provide three forms-of-entry it will be built in three phases, growing with the community. Our proposal includes the key communal spaces in the first phase and adopts a modular approach by adding simple classroom blocks for each further phase as the school grows.

The building is designed to have a strong civic presence, with a small pedestrian square framed by the taller roofs of the halls to establish a distinctive place in the new community. The surrounding landscape, designed by Bradley Murphy Design, will provide a safe and secure environment and excellent external learning environment. Each classroom has direct access to the outside play areas and sports facilities for young pupils.

The internal areas have been carefully designed to create a range of comfortable, stimulating teaching spaces. Good acoustics, daylighting and natural ventilation provide appropriate learning environments throughout the school. Particular attention has been given to passively supervision, both internally and externally, which enables flexible and independent learning, good communication and sharing of resources between teachers and classes. 










Rugby Primary School