People are at the heart of everything we do; from the way we operate as a practice to the way in which we design buildings and places.

We believe that if everyone in our office is nurtured and appreciated, both as a person and as an architect, they will produce their best designs and come up with the most creative solutions - and if we really understand how people will experience our architecture, we will deliver buildings and places that, as well as being fit for purpose, are also life enhancing spaces.

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We love to collaborate. Clients frequently tell us that they enjoy the process of working with us, as much as they appreciate the end result. We take time to listen to what everyone has to contribute – from the client and other designers to stakeholders and contractors - and to communicate clearly with everyone on the team.

We are a very friendly office. We have as many female as male architects and we always take time out in the middle of the day to leave our desks and eat together. It is in this down time that problems are sometimes unintentionally solved, and relationships strengthened. We also have ‘Friday Fridays’, in which the whole office, from Partners to junior architects, comes together to discuss projects and share ideas.

We are owned and managed by three Partners, James McCosh, Meryl Townley and Chris Wilderspin, all of whom have worked for the practice for more than half their career. They share responsibilities, and architects work for all three. Every project is led by one or more of the Partners, and the same team will see a project through from the early stages right through to the end. We value our role as a teaching practice and always have work-experience spaces available for Part I and Part II students. This means we have a low staff turnover and an office full of motivated and experienced architects.

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