Tuesday 14th February 2017

Posted by Kate Withstandley

A Passivhaus Party

A Passivhaus Party

vHH Partner Meryl Townley attended the topping out celebration at St Benedict's School recently, along with excited pupils, parents, staff and governors. 

The new Passivhaus designed Ark and Junior School extension is in the final stages of construction, and will provide classrooms and space for the Nursery which is currently off site.

 Meryl said: 'We are excited to see the new school take shape. The new classroom spaces will be inspiring places for the pupils to learn, in a super sustainable building with minimal running costs.' 

The Headmaster of St Benedict’s, Andrew Johnson said: 'The opening of our new junior school is another very exciting landmark in St Benedict’s history. Not only will it provide a perfect learning environment for our youngest pupils, it is also very eco-friendly  – essential  in the face of London’s urgent pollution problem.' 

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