Thursday 1st May 2014

Posted by Kate Withstandley

Cory Centre thrives in its 1st year

Cory Centre thrives in its 1st year

As part of Green Sky Thinking week we've been looking at the impact our Cory Environmental Centre has had in its first year as a regenerated former landfill site. Here are just a few of the many things it has achieved:

- Received over 100k visitors
- Diverted 10k second-hand books from landfill for use as fireside reading whilst seated next to the centre's huge energy-efficent interior fire
- Are now grazing cattle on the land as well as producing its own Thurrock Honey and using local produce
- Were finalists in the Thurrock business awards for community charity and for environmental awareness in 2013.
All this AND the building won 3 Civic Trust awards. It's safe to say the building been a success and has had a visible impact on the local area.

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