Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Posted by Kate Withstandley

Sutton Hoo reimagined in new Netflix film

Sutton Hoo reimagined in new Netflix film

We hope the release of new Netflix film The Dig, based on the Sutton Hoo treasure discovery, will spark a resurgence of interest in the story and subsequently the treasures themselves. The Sutton Hoo treasure is one of a kind, a tremendous archaeological find which revolutionised our understanding of early England and its culture.

 Our architects became overnight experts on the subject in 1999, when we were commissioned to design a new Visitor Centre at the Sutton Hoo site, to develop a cohesive thread between the burial site and an information centre, exhibition space and café. The building references both the ship construction and the local vernacular, using barn-type structures and constructed as wood held together by metal.

 A multi-award winning building, the visitor centre at Sutton Hoo continues to connect the public to the story, and will hopefully see a surge of visitors once it can reopen post-lockdown.

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