3rd August 2023

Double shortlisting for Architect of the Year Awards

vHH Shortlisted for Education AND Net Zero Categories

We are thrilled to have been recognised for our education and net zero architecture, through a double shortlisting for BD’s Architect of the Year Awards!

Education design is our bread and butter. With over 40 years experience in award winning education buildings, we use top architectural expertise combined with detailed design knowledge, to deliver creative, energy efficient, high spec solutions for education settings.

The climate crisis is looming, and we have been aware for a long time that architects and construction play a vital role in challenging the tide. We were delivering net zero buildings for progressive clients back in 2006, and sustainability as a priority has been enshrined in our design approach from even earlier. It is now thankfully becoming a desired condition of high quality design, with retrofit, passivhaus and decarbonisation incorporated in projects across all sectors.

Our featured projects were:

  1. St Gabriel’s School, Houlton
  2. Leicester Cathedral, Heritage Learning Centre Extension
  3. Waterbeach Barracks Primary School
  4. Houlton Secondary School, Rugby