Leicester Cathedral - November 2014
Posted by Yuli Lee / 5th November 2014

Leicester Cathedral - November 2014

Visit to Site - 5th November 2014

What a transformation on site – a clean, flat floor.

James Elliott’s template for the tomb plinth is accurately fastened on the vault brickwork to make sure that his tomb stonework will fit absolutely into the new floor.

Everybody’s mood lifts with the sense that we have finally got ‘out-of-the-ground’ and although there is lots to be done, and we need to catch up the two weeks delay caused by the vaults and ledger slabs in the floor. At the monthly progress meeting with FWA and the team we review the programme and possible ways to make up the delay and this discussion continues with the site team. We leave them thinking about how they can bring works closer together or overlapping to reduce the time to completion.


The stainless steel floor boxes are being connected and backfilled in position. One has turned up with the wrong spigot position and urgent conversations are taking place with the manufacturers to make sure this is fixed instantly so that it does not delay the programme.

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