Leicester Cathedral - December 2014
Posted by Yuli Lee / 7th December 2014

Leicester Cathedral - December 2014

Visit to Site – 3rd December 2014

FWA are prioritising laying flooring in the east end, the so called Chapel of Christ the King. The majority of the flooring in this area will be made up using a combination of former Sanctuary Chapel and Chancel flooring, originally designed by Raphael Brandon and already taken up and relaid by Sir Charles Nicholson in the 1920’s.

Unfortunately Nicholson laid all the floor in cement mortar and concrete, and three of the ledger slabs were firmly attached to a thick layer of concrete. These had to be taken off site for careful reduction of thickness in FWAs stone masons yard.


Solid Kilkenny Limestone steps, to the far east end stepping up to the east altar, being installed. 

We had a call from site confirming to us that large monument to members of the Vaughan family (near right on this picture, behind propping) appears increasingly unstable. The family provided the rectors who commissioned the Victorian rebuilding of the cathedral. On closer examination several pieces of the monument are so loose they can be lifted off the wall, and one can then see that its ferrous  fixings are completely corroded and there are large voids behind.  Despite the problems that will be caused for FWA in terms of meeting the programme, we decide that the monument cannot be safely left in situ, and decide that it must be taken down and re-erected.

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