Camley Street

About The Project

London Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Natural Park (CSNP) is one of Britain’s oldest and most influential urban ecology parks, internationally renowned as centre of excellence in environmental education. Created in 1984 on a derelict site, previously a coal drop among other uses, the site has been allowed to develop into a valuable mosaic of habitats which supports a remarkable diversity of wildlife for its inner city location. However, the site is entering its second life, and needs to be re-equipped for the 21st century. In June 2015, London Wildlife Trust approached vHH with a brief for an Options Appraisal for a new Visitor Centre at Camley Street. The key stated aims were “to build a new visitor centre and make appropriate landscape changes and biodiversity improvements to the nature reserve to enhance its wildlife value and increase its resilience to the growing number of visitors the site welcomes every year.” The proposal, which has been submitted for HLF Round 1 funding, will ensure the site responds to the changing landscape around it, and is able to manage the needs and desires of contemporary city-dwellers. It includes many alterations to the site, including a new Learning Centre, to inspire and engage a wider range of visitors.



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Architect And Lead Consultant

Camley Street

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