Corfield Court , St John's College, Cambridge

About The Project

This project is an example of the tenacity and perseverance required when working for a complex client. It began in 1998 with a competition win to provide feasibility studies for the redevelopment of a triangular site in the centre of Cambridge containing numerous listed buildings. After several years of feasibility work, to define a viable scheme that the College Fellows would support, the contractors started work in 2006.

Now complete, the informal college quadrangle provides the new heart of the site, which balances the architectural, town planning and commercial requirements. The design creates a series of linked college gardens, made possible by the judicious removal of the few non-listed buildings. All the accommodation above ground floor in the surrounding buildings has been converted for College use, with access from the new gardens. Retail units on the ground floor have been improved and the intial phase created a new doctors’ surgery, decanting it from another of the buildings on the site.



St John’s College, Cambridge









Corfield Court , St John's College, Cambridge

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