Eveline Lowe Primary School competition

About The Project

The redevelopment of Eveline Lowe Primary School formed part of Southwark Council’s Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. vHH, in collaboration with Price and Myers and Max Fordham LLP, were runners up in the RIBA Design Competition. The scheme was developed in consultation with the school and involved sensitive additions of new building to a seminal and listed 1960s open plan school design.

The core aims of this concept are to maximise space, create an integrated school and provide a variety of spaces. Classrooms are open, flexible, easily combined spaces with direct access to outdoor areas. Outside, there are quiet seating areas, a performance arena, two new gardens and a green boundary wall of planting. This variety of types and size of space, ensures each child feels welcome and unthreatened. By housing the junior school in a single-storey building, like the rest of the school, we emphasised integration and democracy.



London Borough Of Southwark








Eveline Lowe Primary School competition

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