Hornsey Road Baths Redevelopment, Platform, Islington, London

About The Project

Platform is a new performing arts centre for young people in Islington, within the listed former laundry of the Hornsey Road Baths. It is designed to make a real difference to the lives and prospects of young people in the area, raising their ambitions and aspirations, and opening up new and exciting opportunities to them. The building features a multi-purpose and flexible space for performance, a media centre and recording studios, dance studios and rehearsal space as well as a café and other social spaces. Critical to the success of the scheme was our consultation with the Young Advisors employed by the Borough of Islington, who clarified what it was that they wanted and needed, which was more space to make a noise, and less of the ‘quiet’ space specified in the original brief. The project had a challenging programme in order to meet the deadline to receive a £3.5 million Big Lottery ‘MyPlace’ grant.



London Borough Of Islington








Hornsey Road Baths Redevelopment, Platform, Islington, London

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