Latymer Sports Pavilion

Latymer Upper School, London W6

About The Project

We were asked to design a new sports pavilion as part of the redevelopment of the school’s Wood Lane playing fields. Triangular in plan, it makes the best use of its corner site and maximises views across the playing fields from the balcony which runs the full length of the longest side. Clad in timber, the two side elevations are weather-protected by a type of shiplap detailing; the long balcony elevation, protected by the overhanging roof, has flush panels with shadow gaps between. The monopitch roof extends beyond the length of the balcony, creating two protected areas beneath. On each side external concrete staircases, which serve as entrances, lead up to the first floor. By providing two entrances players and pupils can be separated from parents and visitors.



Latymer Upper School, London






Our Role

Architect And Lead Consultant

Latymer Sports Pavilion Latymer Upper School, London W6

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