Masterplan and Reception and Teaching Building, Enfield College

About The Project

Our focus, when designing a new masterplan, is on providing a coherent sense of place and a central focus within an often arbitrary arrangement of ordinary buildings. We plan with phased development in mind, and ensure that as many options are left open for the future expansion of the site.

The new Enfield College Masterplan aims to realise the site’s potential and proposes an update and expansion of the existing building stock to rejuvenate the image of the College. The first phase deals with the entrance to the campus by way of a landmark, two storey teaching and reception building which is designed with the pupil and staff’s well-being and comfort at its priority. The teaching accommodation comprises 24 flexible and naturally ventilated classrooms planned either side of a wide top-lit central corridor. 



Enfield College









Masterplan and Reception and Teaching Building, Enfield College

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