South Camden/St Luke’s competition

About The Project

Camden and Islington Community Solutions (CICS), the LIFT Co for Camden and Islington, ran a competition in 2009 for a pair of primary care buildings in Islington. One, Morelands, was a straightforward health building with a challenging site on Goswell  Road alongside a residential block. The other was St Luke’s, a combined health and community building on the site of the existing St Luke’s building close to the Ironmonger Road baths. The interesting brief led to our figure-of-eight plan in which the GP clinics mesh with the community facilities, including roof gardens and allotments. The buildings provide accessible and welcoming environments, using shared courtyards, open entrances and atria, and efficient primary care rooms and suites. This competition led to our work for West Camden PCT for health and extra care housing.








South Camden/St Luke’s competition

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