Our Practice

What we believe in, who we are and how we got here

Our Ethos

We focus on creating buildings and places that are environmentally sustainable and enhance lives in numerous, sometimes surprising, ways. We really do start with a blank sheet of paper and no preconceived ideas. Our designs evolve from talking and listening to all those involved, the whole community, not just the project team.

Nothing sparks our creativity more than complex projects; involving delicate sites, particular briefs, or reuse of old buildings. We welcome these projects as enthusiastically as any.

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Our Origins

James McCosh (Josh) joined vHH in 1999, soon after the practice moved from Joanna van Heyningen and Birkin Haward’s home to the studio at Burghley Yard. Now the sole principal, with Chris Wilderspin and Meryl Townley he was central to the practice’s growth and its range of clients. We are based in North London but practice across the UK, always on the lookout for the most interesting clients, both big and small.

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Richard III


Award winning buildings and practice from 2005 onwards.

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