Our Ethos

What guides the way we work and how we design

We are motivated to provide sustainable solutions for buildings and spaces which people enjoy using

Building Relationships

Successful buildings are created collaboratively, with all the exhilarating and painstaking back and forth that can involve. It is this process that keeps us on our toes and ensures that we come up with solutions that are both efficient and creative. It’s why we love doing what we do, and why we have clients who return to vHH time and again.

‘The measure of a successful building is how much people enjoy using it.’
Meryl Townley

When a new building opens there should be a whole group of people feeling equally proud; the client who’s realised more than they dreamed possible, the end user who can see that the ideas they put forward were taken on board, the contractor who is as proud as we are of the end result.


Building Responsibly

All architects today rightly talk about sustainability, but we work harder than most to challenge clients to think about reducing their environmental impact from the start of the design process; it’s not something we bolt on to a project at the end.

We like to think it’s the attention to detail and craftsmanship, and our preoccupation with materials, acoustics and daylight, that identifies our work. These qualities are what give our buildings longevity and makes them comfortable, stimulating places to be.


Building on our Expertise

The practice is constantly learning, project by project, and we consciously embed those lessons within the practice. When we lead the design team, we stress the impact design decisions have on the efficiency of construction.

We take time to explain the construction process to our clients so that it is as seamless and cost effective as possible, and nobody expects the impossible.

‘Without doubt, the service we have received from van Heyningen and Haward has been exemplary. Their dedication to the project and attention to detail has been extraordinary in my experience, in that they deliver a truly integrated design solution where other specialist design elements are carefully coordinated into the finished product (a rare talent nowadays).’


‘They are at all times and at all levels highly professional and they go that bit further to deliver a quality service.’

Neil Kellythorn, RSPB Development Projects Manager

‘The design team’s commitment to realising the wishes and needs of both the young advisors and the arts advisory design team has been extraordinary. Indeed, as a result of this engagement one of the young advisors has decided to pursue a career in architecture.’Pete Courtie, Arts and Cultural Development Manager, Islington Council