20th April 2023

HLC basement slab and Underfloor Heating

Having walked from the station as usual, we are cheered on arrival with the sight of the arm of a concrete pump over the site – finally – and later that day the basement -2 slab being cast by Northfields, Messenger’s chosen groundworks and frame specialist subcontractor.


The first task for the day is to review the condition of the existing stonework at the base of the North porch with Peter Rogan, the Cathedral Architect, and Midland Stone Masonry. It is agreed that Peter will specify the necessary repairs, so that these can take place before the new ramped access inside and outside the porch is installed. This will allow those in wheelchairs or buggies to enter the cathedral from Guildhall Lane, avoiding a long detour to the south entrance in Cathedral Gardens

Within the cathedral, the underfloor heating (UFH) is being installed, zone by zone. Each zone is coordinated with the designed joints in the floor, and with sleeved sections where it is necessary for the pipes to cross joints in the slabs. Within the boiler room, the new pumpsets are being installed, feeding the primary pipework routes to each UFH manifold and radiators.


In the north transept, Messenger are reinstalling the historic ledger slabs that line the walls. These were removed for safekeeping whilst the floor was raised. Using a spider crane, the individual slabs are carefully set on temporary bases, to the right level for the new floor finish, so that new supporting stone sections can be scribed to fit them and the permanent restraints provided.