St Gabriel's Primary School

23rd March 2022

St Gabriel’s Primary School – Site Visit 02

Our second site visit took place halfway through the installation of the cross laminated timber (CLT) frame by KLH, with whom we had developed the scheme through stage 4 following their engagement under a pre-construction design agreement.

The form of the new block was clear this visit with the external, and most of the internal, walls up. These had been installed in just a few days due to the speed of CLT construction, and made for a very quiet and calm building site adjacent to the existing playground – hopefully inspiring a generation into environmentally conscious architecture!

Despite heavy rainfall the day before, which was quickly being evicted from the slab, the tolerance gap beneath the CLT panels was enough to keep everything out of standing water. With the entire CLT install programmed to be complete in just three weeks the roof planks will soon be on, and Lindum will be installing the roof vapour control layer shortly after to keep the timber as dry as possible. You can also see the black/white airtightness tape between the panels – the inherent airtightness of the CLT being a key advantage of this method of construction.

We are now looking forward to sharing the project with the whole office on our site trip next week.