6th November 2018

Delivering Eeklo’s ‘Scholen van Morgen’

New college in Belgium opens up opportunities for next generation of students

vHH Architects have completed the final phase of the College O.- L.-V. den Doorn project in Eeklo, West Flanders. It is the practice’s first project outside of the UK and has transformed the opportunities for young adults in the surrounding area.

 Phase 1 reached completion in February 2017, with Phases 2 and 3 incorporating the intensive refurbishment of the 19790’s Middle School, which continued until recently achieving handover.

 Overall, our competition-winning proposal submitted with SMAK Arkitects took an urban design and landscape approach, combining the new build facilities to create a new arrival square facing the town, and embedding extensive landscape works which create dedicated arrival spaces and parking to enhance the heavily refurbished building for the now completed Middle School.

 The school have produced a film about the new building which gives a feel of the life of the project post-construction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9buyI374_l8