20th August 2019

Exploring future plans and possibilities

Architects take design workshop to students at Rugby School's Festival on the Close

Architects from our Houlton School Design Team visited Rugby School’s Festival on the Close a few weeks ago, to engage with students about art, design and Architecture. Students in the workshop were asked to examine site information and models, then to propose creative design solutions for the re-housing of the Aerial Out-lead – the antennae from Rugby Radio Station, which will be retained as part of the building’s Listing.

vHH are designing a new secondary school at Houlton for Urban&Civic, which involves the creative adaption of a listed building, C- Station. The students considered the materiality and history of the piece of equipment and came up with imaginative proposals, ranging from displaying it as an individual piece of public art, to using it as the interactive centrepiece of a new public space.

An example of yet another absorbing and creative session with students, which our architects always find compelling; their invariably inquisitive nature never ceasing to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to given challenges. Learning through architecture is in this case a decidedly two-way street

A big thanks to Urban&Civic for facilitating this opportunity as part of their support to the local event, and to Rugby School for hosting the workshop as part of their amazing Festival on the Close – an extravaganza of arts and education opportunities, with workshops and events over 4 days spanning music, drama, comedy, dance and much more www.thefestivalontheclose.co.uk