12th October 2021

Leicester Cathedral Revealed begins on site

Demolition Works begin on the Old Song School

Following confirmation of funding for the Leicester Cathedral Revealed project, and the previous selection of the contractor, a rapid start has been possible. We are excited to see that Messenger have commenced demolition works, as the Old Song School building is removed and site preparation begins for our Heritage Learning Centre, which extends the cathedral. The reordering works to the interior of the cathedral will start later, in early 2022, to provide time for the archaeological dig for the extension.

The demolition of the Old Song School, which includes salvage of stained-glass features, facing stone, and the landscape finishes and features, is due to be followed by probing and archaeological excavations of the underlying grave soil in preparation for piling. This includes the installation of a contiguous piled wall that will create a rigid ‘box’ to support the surrounding buildings and the cathedral whilst the basement is constructed. Inside this, the archaeologists will excavate down, recording their findings as they proceed down through progressively older strata, including Roman, to about 7.8m below the current ground level, the formation level for the new Heritage Learning Centre.

A timelapse camera has been installed near the site, and so we are able to post regular screenshots showing site progress as the project continues.