18th December 2017

Sculpting STEM

Draisci Studio produce beautiful work of art for Oundle SciTec foyer

Draisci Studio have commissioned a lovely short film, which illustrates the design process and end result of their stunning sculpture at our new Oundle SciTec facility. vHH organised and ran the design competition, carefully assessing which was the best fit for the space and the most outstanding concept.

Draisci Studio stood out with this wonderful design and we are thrilled with the end result, a sculpture of a Truncated Octahedron which now sits in the central helical stairwell and is intended by the designers to “give a feeling and a sense of what the building is about, from the moment one enters the building”.

The modular three-dimensional object, an Archimedean solid that tessellates, allows one module to be closely fit together with other equal modules. The way the modules are assembled is inspired by mathematical patterns within organic material.

https://vimeo.com/240978840 / Film and photography by Will Scott