Oundle School, Sports Masterplan

Sport is a major strength at Oundle School in Northamptonshire. At the moment the sports facilities are a collection of fields and buildings that have grown up as the need has arisen. We challenged the existing master plan for reordering the site, stressing the importance of making a new ‘place’ within the town. We changed the shape and orientation of the proposed sports centre and identified the best routes for pupils to come and go from what we think of as a new sports campus.

We also considered the routes to be taken by parents and members of the public who will have access to the campus. By siting the main buildings around a central ‘square’, parents will have a clearly delineated route from the car parks and will follow routes back through the building at the end of matches, providing opportunities to talk to staff, pupils and other parents, and to enjoy match teas.

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  • Project Details

    • Location: Peterborough
      Client: Oundle School