30th April 2020

A Drone’s Eye View

Whilst lockdown is in place, we and Morgan Sindall are obviously keen to reduce site meetings and visitors to the absolute minimum, so we discuss the initial site issues remote – leading to a level of communication complexity that is new to all of us.

For us the immediate challenges lie mostly in the demolitions package withing C station, whilst we prepare information for the Planning Samples submissions and manage the two steelwork subcontractors’ detailed design and coordination of fabrication drawings.

Despite being remote, our appetites are whetted by receiving a series of photos, commissioned by Morgan Sindall from Bluesky UAV to show Urban & Civic at their monthly meetings submission.

This view, from the north of the school shows the considerable extent of the playing fields, with the site borrow pit and topsoil to the left, as the levelling, land drainage and topsoil works are ongoing.

From the east there is a substantial improvement to the Transmissions Block, with the 1980’s lightweight umbrella roof having been removed. The considerable work of scaffolding the buildings has commenced, with the scaffold Power Hall, just glimpsed to the rear, almost complete.

At the right of the historic building the formation levels of the new teaching blocks are visible, inside the site haul road, with the MUGA area beyond.

A closer view from above shows the infill decking to the central Power Hall rooflight, and the top of the 1944 Transmission Hall thick concrete roof slab, which has to be removed to insert the new steel frame and floors, and to construct the new top floor and roof.

As well as the aerial shots the drone was flown through the major internal spaces. This view is of the Power Hall interior with the piling mat visible and the work to break down the piles and cast cappings just beginning.


All images are (c) Morgan Sindall / Bluesky UAV