26th February 2020

Enabling Works almost complete

The last elements of the Enabling Works are now almost complete, ready for the Main Works to begin in a fortnight. So we spent a day on site, reviewing all the work, room by room, and façade by façade, noting the last elements to be finished before Practical Completion.

The external areas are now cleared, and the old slabs removed from the Power Hall and Valve Hall ready for piling and installation of the new insulated floor slabs, with the last demolition arisings being crushed.

Inside the Power Hall, the retained glazed bricks which will be retained in the Dining Hall remain, but all the lead-based paint has been removed and the metalwork re-primed.

Demolition of the free-standing walls in the Power Hall allowed Morgan Sindall to salvage two palettes of the historic glazed bricks, so we can make good the retained walls where necessary in the main works.

Whilst on site, we inspected some of the brickwork sample panels for the main works. Discussion focused on the Type 2 brickwork, to be used where we are extending C Station and infilling some of its large openings. This is tricky as the historic brickwork has a great variety of tones within its coal-fired bricks, but varies considerably in colour depending on its degree of weathering. The initial sample panels were judged to be too red, so it was decided to construct a further sample panel, with a browner / darker blend.