3rd October 2019

The Western Facade Revealed

What a difference a fortnight makes – the western elevation of the power hall with the fan cages removed – this will be the long distance view of Houlton School from the west down one of the 60m wide ecology corridors that criss-cross Houlton, for the benefit of great crested newts – and future residents.

In the link block, which is to be demolished to create the School’s main entrance and courtyards, pre-demolition neatly cuts isolate the walls to be demolished from those to be retained.

The main Power Hall interior, with equipment cleared except the 1960’s engine’s exhausts, awaiting removal of the internal walls and engine bases. The future assembly hall and dining halls will fit into this space, with all the windows restored and retained structure, equipment and fittings visible.

In the coil room, the upper part of the Transmission Block, the plinths and timber struts that once supported the tuning coil (now in the Science Museum) are being removed, and the last items of the old radio equipment are being removed.