19th March 2021

New Blocks – inside and out

Within the teaching blocks the services installations are being extended from the central risers into every room. The main ducts are run in bulkheads and above the central corridor, maximising the height of the rooms and the quality of their daylight.

Within the rooms services are exposed, so they can be readily adapted and/or extended in the future. (The blue tint is the photo is caused by the protective film applied to the triple glazed windows).

The use of a waterproof sheathing board allowed work to proceed inside throughout the winter, with the external brickwork starting in March, after delays in the delivery of the facing bricks. The cladding includes 250mm of mineral wool insulation to provide an excellent U value, which along with the triple glazed windows and excellent airtightness, will optimise the buildings’ performance.

The central air handling plant is within large rooftop plant enclosures, to protect the plant from the elements and prolong its service life and maximise its efficiency. The heat exchangers on this plant recover nearly all the heat from the exhaust air, thus minimising energy use. The teaching blocks are entirely electric, with four air source heat pumps providing the heating for each.

The sports hall interior form is now clearly apparent, with the viewing gallery formed and first fix services being installed at high level.

The first sample room – a lab – is presented to the client in mid March, so that the fine details of workmanship and finish are agreed.

Within the Transmission Block the ceilings are installed in parallel with the completion of the first fix services. In the two main rooms of the 6th Form Centre on the top floor, the first of the curved GRG rooflight liners is installed, ready for the rest of the ceiling to follow on.