25th October 2019

Demolition and Salvage

The new Main Entrance – demolition of the link block taking place, to create space for the School main entrance and reception, between Power Hall (on the left) and Transmission Block (on the right), with the exception of the two screen walls that will define the school’s inner courtyards.

Delighted to see how the masons are proving that they can reclaim the historic Buckley Junction and Jacobean facing bricks that have arisen from the link block demolition, despite the hard mortar, for use in repairing C Station’s principal facades.

The heavy work of lead paint and plaster removal ongoing in the Valve Hall using the Quill machines, in preparation for the internal wall insulation and safe paint finishes, and removal of the engine bases from the Power Hall floor.

The joys of old buildings – what you find when you remove the plaster! Several phases of adaptation to be carefully undone to restore the elevation and reinstate the former sash window at the southern end of the Admin Wing.