26th March 2020

Main Works Start

The Main Contract Works to build Houlton School have started, with a commensurate scaling up of Morgan Sindall’s site and a much wider area of operations, including the full 8 hectares of the secondary school site. Due to the guidance on Covid-19, almost all meetings are taking place by video link. At this stage in the works social distancing is effective, with everybody on site using machines, well separated and in the open air, and very aware of the need to look after themselves and others.

Works to regrade the future new block footprints and playing fields are underway, with the vegetation and topsoil being stripped. This follows the advance translocation of the fields’ considerable population of Great Crested Newts, using the ecological methods established by Urban & Civic with Ecology Solutions over the whole of the Houlton site.



Meanwhile the demolition of the Transmission Blocks 1980’s and 1944 roofs has started, with Collins using high-reach machines and platforms to remove the outer cladding.

The dry-stacked sample blend of bricks for alterations to the historic facades (in the image those on the upper right) shows promise, when one anticipates the lightening effect of the mortar, so the next step is rebuilding the sample panel with the right pointing, hopefully for our approval and then submission to the Rugby Borough Council to discharge the relevant listed building consent condition.