19th June 2023

Floor setting out and B-1 slab

The new stone floor is intended to provide a hard-wearing and beautiful floor surface, with its pattern of different British limestones uniting all the spaces around the Sanctuary, and providing a subtle pull eastward, towards the high altar and the east end of the church.

A particular aspect of the floor is its geometry originates from the font, which our reordering moves to the south aisle, close to the main entrance to the cathedral. This means that its setting out is critical to that of the floor. During our visit we work with Messenger and James Elliott, responsible for making the fonts new stone plinth, to make sure the plinth template is located in the correct position. This then gives the setting out for the floor pattern in the main body of the cathedral.

The drying screed provides a good working surface for the pendant light fittings designed by Bruce Kirk / Light Perceptions to be hung from the high-level supplies installed earlier, with the fittings neatly stored inside the space ready for installation.

Northfield have cast the basement -1 slab and are continuing with the upper basement lining walls, having temporarily blocked the openings for the stair to create a safe working platform.