Leicester Cathedral Revealed

19th April 2023

The HLC Basement nadir and reveal of the Ceiling Decorations

Almost a year after it was programmed, and following the hugely extended archaeological excavation of the Heritage Learning Centre’s site, we are greeted on site by the hugely welcome sight of the basement -2 tanking membrane, signalling the start of the HLC construction, and the end of digging.


Inside the full impact of the new decorative scheme to the roofs is revealed, with the warm tone of the repaired walls and repainted tracery setting-off the cathedral’s wonderful nineteenth and twentieth century stained glass in the morning light. With the nave and aisles clear of scaffolding, one can just see the slight incline in the floor that allows un-stepped access to the entire floorplan of the cathedral.

The underfloor heating pipework installation is underway, whilst the masons from Messenger Construction are finishing the last details of the new column bases and their pointing, in preparation for the screeding of the floors.