22nd July 2022

Internal insulation and Limecrete Slab install

With the detail at the column bases resolved, the Limecrete Company install the new slab, leaving the arcade strips and with block outs around the services ducts to allow the later installation of the floor boxes.


We enjoy the plywood jig made by Messengers site manager, Dave Bedford, to allow the ducts to grouped in the correct positions for the floor box install.

In the boiler room below the north porch, the ducts are neatly labelled with their pull wires (for flexible pipework and cables) where they come in from the main north-south services route.

For the first time we can check the impact of our inclined floor – which rises gently from the entrance doors to the crossing to remove the steps. We are pleased that this is barely perceivable -when looking or walking.

Outside the archaeology of the cathedrals former graveyard has started under a large tent, so that the excavation does not fill with water. Despite the Old Song School having been built in this location it is rapidly apparent that the graveyard is incredibly densely filled with remains, with later burials cut into and through older ones.