17th May 2023

HLC Basement lining walls and screed pour

With the underfloor heating loops complete and tested and at pressure, the new limescreed screed in being installed. Due to the scale of the floor, we have specified this is installed by the limecrete company, as the have a fleet of specialist lime-mixers and can pour large areas efficiently.

Within the HLC basement Northfield are installing the insulation within the lining walls to the basement. The quality of this installation is important as the new building is designed using the passivhaus approach, with high levels of airtightness and thermal insulation combined with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery to maximise internal comfort and minimise energy use and carbon emissions.

The installation is being executed gratifyingly well, with tight joints between boards and close attention paid to the fixings, which will deliver the high levels of performance intended. We admire the attention-to-detail that includes providing a small ad-hoc shelf for their hand tools.