5th March 2023

High level redecorations, new column bases

By March the bulk of the redecoration work to the roof underside is complete, and we inspect it and the services installations, so that Messenger can begin removal of the scaffold.

A last element is agreeing the shape, scale and colour of the stars that enrich the chancel ceiling, by pinning up paper samples to check from floor level – just possible with the scaffold still up.

The upper walls are also complete, with the darker clay paint on the tracery contrasting with the off-white Corical lime paint on the walls.

At floor level the masons are slowly replacing damaged elements of the column bases, and modifying a few of those that are within the raised floor zone, to maintain a natural relationship between the floor finish, particularly where inclined and raised at the eastern side, and the base.

We pay a brief visit to Ketton stone to talk to them about the historic ledger slabs discovered during the Richard III works under the C19 floor, that are proposed to be re-laid in St Dunstan’s Chapel, and are happy to see the Hopton Wood slabs in production for the new cathedral floor.

Outside, the bulk of archaeology has finally been completed, with one last area of interest which turns out to be a very deep plague burial pit, cut right through all the other burials. Whilst the archaeologists finish this little bit, Messenger are finally able to get a machine in to remove the soil down to our building’s formation level.