10th December 2022

High level decs samples

By December the scaffold has been removed from the south façade of the cathedral, showing the new stonework to the parapet and repairs undertaken below, with the buttress to the south-east corner of the Great South Aisle, which had been severely damaged when the Old Song School was built, reinstated.

Archaeology continues very slowly, with an ever-increasing number of finds and increasing impact on the start of the new building and its programme for completion. It’s become obvious to the whole team that the historic cathedral will be complete long before the new building, and that the intensity of the burial in the old graveyard are well beyond what anyone had expected of costed for.

Within the cathedral we continue with samples for the decorative works and walls whilst the plaster repairs and high-level services installations for the new fire alarm and lighting are underway. We meet regularly to discuss these with a subgroup of the Fabric Advisory Committee, which has responsibility for approving the final proposals.